Tuesday, 4 October 2011


The album,our album,new CD called 'Lifesongs' was released officially a year ago. We didn't expect it to sell in 1000's,so far only 973 to go,we've sold 27. Blimey,we'll never retire at this rate!!! Still we can but try,what do you expect from 2 old blokes who record in a bedroom.

Still,it has been a fantastic experience making it and hearing the peoples reaction in the positive,and to be honest we haven't had that many,if any,negative comments. We have started work on a second album with a song called 'Forgive Me' which is based on a true experience of a friend of mine.
It seems people don't want physical CDs these days,which I can't understand. Downloads sound so rubbish,there's no OOOMPH to them and can sound really tinny. Not like a CD or a brand new vinyl LP played at full volume,that is power!!!! And I love it. I would like to get our CD onto vinyl,but the expense is beyond us and unjustifiable at the moment....maybe one day.

However,if you would like to hear 2 old blokes warbling in a bedroom then head over to www.endlessrecords.moonfruit.com and maybe even spend £10 on a CD,no extras,free postage and it'll be signed aswell,just in case.

Much love and peace.

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